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Britney Spears


Genres: Pop / Rock

Location: Kentwood, LA

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  • Shabu Anower said:
    My childhood crush... Aug 06
  • shuiguoo said:
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  • Ashlynsage.38 said:
    LOVES Aug 24
  • Lexi Pender said:
    no dudee itsz till the world ends Apr 30
  • dave barnum said:
    put up hold it against me. DUBSTEP BREAKDOWN Apr 25
  • !Love Always! said:
    I love The song of her! Dec 03
  • ji5mpunker said:
    yeah britney is beauitful singer !!! Jul 06
  • 3TOjj said:
    britney i love u u are awesome i love u i love u so much. lots of love holly.a. Jun 29
  • 3TOjj said:
    omg i love b spears Jun 29
  • Oliviaa. said:
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  • donotfire40k said:
    Best Pop singer ever! May 14
  • Feffi(: said:
    Britney Spears Duuuude! Apr 23
  • Rod said:
    "Ave Maria by Joshua Moses" CHECK IT OUT You can add him just to keep in touch!! Leave a COMMENT Please! =) Listen to Ave Maria and Follow Me by Joshua Moses http://www.purevolume.com/joshuamoses Apr 11
  • marissa davis said:
    well britney, i dont wanna sound like a crazy fan. but i love you andwhen i was a little girl i tried looking you up in the phone book and dialed every spears number in there. come to michigan for a concert because thats the only way i can go haha. Apr 10
  • tOby! :) said:
    i LOVE britney!! if u seek amy is the bombdizzle! (f-u-c-k me hahha) Feb 16


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