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  • emve said:
    pretty good kids Feb 12
  • NickiSimone94 said:
    Hey emily I know Im late but Im here again, sticking with you all the way. Love the music by the way!!! :D Aug 18
  • Lia said:
    love this! Mar 23
  • JJ said:
    amazing! Feb 29
  • ellen! said:
    real good, love the vocals! Feb 28
  • SiLeNtDaN said:
    Couldn't help my self anymore, had to buy the album. Loving it! Sep 22
  • chill said:
    good Jun 15
  • ale.poisson said:
    Hi,really liked what you're doing, you guys are pretty great. Keep it up! :) Jun 15
  • Megh said:
    breathe taking(= Jun 10
  • Pockets said:
    I'm liking the music, guys. Paul recommended you to me. Proud to say I am also from Virginia. We've got some talent here. (: Jun 05
  • ElloChristopher☮ said:
    loving the sound nd i must say the voalist is seriously beautiful May 30
  • Thelma Jay said:
    Nice work :). Spreading the link ;). May 26
  • aniza dominique said:
    You guys are amazing! May 26
  • Katie said:
    It's so nice to hear something that doesn't sound like everything else out there. Amazing :) May 26
  • SteffiLovesMars said:
    Hi, you guys are awesome.. sounds amazing :)) May 26
  • Mandy101XD said:
    this is amazing. what ever the fuck you guys are doing is working! May 25
  • Ariel said:
    Awesome ^-^ May 25
  • .Raquel. said:
    I think I'm in LOVE :) Your sound is awesome! :) May 25
  • boceph'A'saur said:
    simply enchanting May 25
  • .:mak:. said:
    amazing!! :] thanks for letting me know about you.. you all are so talented.. beautiful sound :] keep it up! May 25