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  • VwonderwallV said:
    Oh wow! I love your sound. Definitely becoming a fan. Nov 16
  • xxdanyell said:
    Love it! Jul 08
  • Kellie-Louise said:
    ii actually can't get enough of listening to you guys (: Mar 05
  • Xplosivbabe said:
    ahhh, still brilliant eh? *high five* keep it up Dec 31
  • wes1990 said:
    Check out our music: http://www.reverbnation.com/tunepak/3021868 Dec 15
  • Kissieface said:
    I like the sound guys! Jul 11
  • BlackRider08 said:
    Hey Guys! Totally love your stuff!! Keep the dance floor hot! Apr 26
  • xmarkx said:
    whut up! Apr 22
  • BaByGirL0o0 said:
    Nice, good luck fellas! Apr 16
  • Paul said:
    Hey thanks for the spam message! You guys almost sound like your from the southern United States! Which is weird cuz your not. Good simple tunes, like the power chords... real unique. Reminds me of Sanctus Real!! Apr 09
  • Ericababeh said:
    your stuff is super catchy, definetely chill music ^_^ Mar 08
  • biah _lily ' said:
    *-*' very very good! Feb 14
  • Jacob J. said:
    Hey thanks for the message! I do like your sound so thanks! Would have sent you a message earlier but couldn't access my account. Good Day. Feb 09
  • cassie said:
    you guys are really good! :) Jan 31
  • Lizl said:
    Love it. Jan 31
  • ?BATWING said:
    0_o Noice one(Y) Jan 25
  • yanna said:
    wow! it so coooll!!.. xD i love it!! Jan 25
  • Gina said:
    you guys rock Jan 22
  • . a kiss from mee (: ! said:
    Jason Jan 22
  • . a kiss from mee (: ! said:
    Intense bros, I'm totally diggin it :D thanks for the msg! Never stop doin what you love Jan 19