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Released Sep 10, 2007

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Comments (29)

  • Michael said:
    We hit 10,000 song plays @ PureVolume.com today! Nov 06
  • Michael said:
    Just hit 10,000 plays for today on @PureVolume thanks to all of you wonderful listeners. Keep them coming! :) we love you all Nov 06
  • kkk said:
    hail fucking Satan you nigger lovers. Jun 20
  • Michael said:
    Favourite album Jun 20
  • BOB said:
    After trying heroin once...for about a year and a half... I have a whole new appreciation for this album. I didn't need any twelve steps, I was all Stanhope about it. Arrogance and spite can move mountains. Jun 20
  • 502 said:
    This is the first album I skipped school to get on release date. I was 13. I got out of rehab 2 months ago and went straight from step 4 to step 13 at a bar in LAX waiting for my flight. Making amends is the most fucked up step. I didn't get that far but I'm glad no one I wronged is dead yet. I'm just dead to them.  Jun 20
  • N/A said:
    i love lsd! Jun 20
  • Z0H0E :) said:
    always at the top of my music playlist!!! MICHAEL Jun 20
  • Z0H0E :) said:
    I remember the day this came out. I went to F.Y.I. and bought it. Went to an IHOP parking lot, got super stoned, and listened to the whole thing front to back and was BLOWN THE FUCK AWAY. I'll never forget that. haha Jun 20
  • Marshall Amp said:
    Goddam I forgot how bloody awesome this album is! Jun 20
  • josh dc said:
    one of the greatest albums of all time, with the likes of machine head's the burning red, etc Jun 20
  • ashley said:
    I did so much drugs listening to this. Jun 20
  • sequitur said:
    13th step=relapse Jun 20
  • sequitur said:
    One my favorite albums of all time! Jun 20
  • putona said:
    Do you really want to know what the thirteenth step is? For all that is human, it is to live, for all that ? that with all the twelve step programs in the world, the thirteenth step is death, simple math my friends, if you oversee the beauty in this album then commit suicide, that is the ultimately the 13th step, die if you want to, LIVE THROUGH THIS, BE A BETTER PERSON, and isolate yourself from yourself.......... Jun 20